Spare Bucket


A one-off bucket of Uncut Stems.

  • Seasonal and sourced from British growers.
  • Delivered into a bucket (or vase, or jug!) which you will leave outside your door.
  • Delivered un-arranged and uncut so you can have fun creating your own arrangement.
  • Included is a letter with information on each Stem, styling tips, grower updates and a guide on how to edit your vase to extend vase life.

Uncut Stems is a community. We encourage you to share what you do with your flowers each fortnight and get inspiration from others in return. #showusyourStems

If you do not have a safe, accesible space to leave a bucket then please contact [email protected] before signing up.

Please note, British stems can vary in vase life between 3-7 days, and will age differently to mass grown, imported stems. They come in a beautiful range of lengths and shapes and sometimes will have small marks from the rain on their petals.

Your order is for flowers next Thursday, we’ll be in touch on Tuesday to confirm details.

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+ What is a spares bucket?
When we have cancellations, we hate to see flowers go to waste. Spares allows you to buy flowers even if you haven't got a subscription.
+ How does delivery work?
You simply place a vessel of water into a safe, accessible (ideally sheltered) spot, ready to receive your flower delivery. Deliveries happen from late afternoon into the evening and you will receive a text once we’ve made the drop so you can bring your flowers safely inside and away from the elements.
+ What vessel should I put out, and where?
Each delivery day you'll place a bucket, vase or jug filled with water into your allocated safe spot for our driver to drop your Stems into. You can use anything, as long as it's a minimum of around 15cm wide and 15cm tall. Your accessible safe spot ideally would be sheltered from the sun and rain and off of the street. If you do not have a safe spot then please contact us before signing up.
+ Where are the flowers coming from?
Your flowers will come from a network of British growers that we know and trust. We endeavour to make sure as many of your Stems as possible are from chemical-free growers, but also work closely with larger commercial growers based in the UK. At the bookends of the season, or in the instance of exceptionally bad British weather, some of your Stems might be from trusted imported growers. We will always let you know when this is the case and consider it as part of the education around mindful flower sourcing.
+ How long will British flowers last?
Many of us are used to flowers that are imported and commercially grown, with pencil perfect straight stems and symmetrical petals that last for a freakishly long time. We want to educate you on real flowers and true vase life, which is 3-7 days. Part of the fun is editing down throughout the week to extend vase life for as long as possible. There’s real joy to be had from an evolving arrangement.
+ How many Stems will I get?
We aim to include at least 20 Stems in your buckets each fortnight which will be made up of a mixture of focal, feature and medium flowers plus foliage, often there will be extras.
+ What about flower food?
After long conversations with growers and florists we made the decision not to include flower food. The consensus is that the best way to prolong vase life is to regularly change the water and trim stems, making flower food a wasteful product. If you are ever too busy to attend to your flowers regularly then a neat florists trick is to pop half a Milton tablet into your water.
+ What sort of vase do I need?
Each week your Stems will vary in size, depending on what is in season so it's good to be prepared with a few different sizes and shapes of vase. A vase that is around 20cm will be your most used, and we find it extra helpful if it curvaceously nips in at the top and bottom to help control those Stems.
+ How sustainable is Uncut Stems?
Being a sustainable business is a continual process, which we will be transparent about and accountable for. Please see our sustainability page for more info, or feel free too contact [email protected]
+ You don't deliver to me yet, when can I get some Stems?
We’re working on it. We have big plans for Uncut Stems and our mission is to bring British flowers to as many people as possible. Make sure your name is added to the list so that we know you want us in your area!